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Thermal comforter - Extra long - i-Spa

Thermal comforter - Extra long

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Thermal comforter - Extra length 

Use during spa or salon treatments treatments
Size: 65cm x 17cm, 4 divisions – 1.3Kg
  • Has inner bag divided into 4 sections for even heat distribution
  • Outer Corduroy cover is removable for washing
Grain (wheat, barley or sorghum) filled bags which can be heated in a microwave oven or cooled in a freezer to provide a natural alternative for treating aches and pains. They may also serve as a safer alternative to hot-water bottles to provide warmth and comfort in winter.
Our bags provide a very effective method of delivering heat (or cold) gradually and evenly to the area being treated as the bags mould easily to the shape required and retain temperature for an extended period of time.
Most of our designs comprise a multi-sectioned inner bag, which helps to distribute the heat evenly across the area, and a removable corduroy outer bag which allows for easy washing.
There are significant benefits from using these comforters to supplement your other treatments – heat therapy can be done at home or work while relaxing, the bags are designed to target specific areas of the body that require heat (or cold), and treatment is very inexpensive. I-Spa thermal comforters are simple to use – just heat and treat.
*** Custom made colors can be placed on order



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