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Spa eye bag

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Eye bag 

Microwavable grain filled heat bag ( place in hot cabinet )

Size: 23cm x 7cm

  • Soft lavender scented pillows filled with flaxseed
  • Great for sinus, headaches, relaxation and meditation
  • reduces fine lines, puffiness and black rings under eyes
  • Can be used at room temp, as a cold pack or heated in a microwave for penetrating warmth 

Our heat bags provide a very effective method of delivering heat (or cold) gradually and evenly to the area being treated as the bags mould easily to the shape required and retain temperature for an extended period of time.

Most of our designs comprise a multi-sectioned inner bag, which helps to distribute the heat evenly across the area, and a removable corduroy outer bag which allows for easy washing.

There are significant benefits from using these bags to supplement your other treatments – heat therapy can be done at home or work while relaxing, the bags are designed to target specific areas of the body that require heat (or cold), and treatment is very inexpensive. I-Spa thermal comforters are simple to use – just heat and treat.



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