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Rungu massage set

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Rungu massage set

Rugu massage technique

African Rungu massage is a long stroked, deep pressure massage that reduces pains and aches, improves blood circulation, lymph drainage and muscle toning and provides Immediate relaxation.
A Rungu is an important emblem of warrior status for Masai males and is used as a throwing club.  Rungus are typically about 18-20 inches in length with a long narrow shaft for a handle and heavy knob or ball at the end. The African Rungu is carved out of Eucalyptus wood, is very heavy and is used as a massage tool in the Rungu massage.
It is helpful to the therapist to apply a deeper pressure during the massage that makes it very useful in the massage of sore muscles. The Rungu is used in smooth, vigorous and stimulating massage movements to effective release of stress.



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