Rosemary essential oil 10ml

Rosemary essential oil 10ml

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Though it is famous for its applications in the culinary world, rosemary has uses that reach far beyond cook books or holiday meals. Rosemary essential oil is a versatile essential oil that proves useful in everyday life for things like promoting healthy-looking hair, creating a relaxing massage and more. 

Oils that Blend Well with Rosemary Oil

The herbaceous, energizing aroma of Rosemary oil makes it the perfect companion for citrus oils like Wild Orange or Lemon. With a scent that resembles an herb garden, Rosemary oil also blends well with floral oils like Lavender or Jasmine. When you want a warm, woody scent, consider combining Rosemary oil with oils like Cedarwood and Frankincense.


Rosemary essential oil may be used to effectively improve brain function, stimulate hair growth. It may help relieve pain. It repels certain bugs and it may ease stress. 




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