Lycojet Ruby Hot Wax 1kg
Lycojet Ruby Hot Wax 1kg
Lycojet Ruby Hot Wax 1kg
Lycojet Ruby Hot Wax 1kg

Lycojet Ruby Hot Wax 1kg

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LycoJET Ruby Hot wax - Lycon

With Rose, Chamomile and Mirco Mica!
RUBY wax works great as a 2nd phase wax! To be used after the Hot wax on the face, underarms, bikini line and Brazilian. No more tweezers needed! This wax, based on natural resin and beeswax, removes all refined and DOWN hair from 1 mm. With Rose, Chamomile and Mirco Mica!
  • Australian madeAustralian made
  • Lycon Quality GuaranteeLycon Quality Guarantee
  • Not tested on animalsNot tested on animals

What is it?

LYCON's LycoJET waxes contain a selection of the very best natural and soothing ingredients. The hair stays 100% for weeks and the skin feels perfectly smooth and soft, without stubble, itching or ingrown hairs! With the LycoJET waxing from LYCON you can effortlessly remove all down, refined and soft hair. Professionals rely on LYCON for a complete and hair-free result for all types of hair growth!

What does it do?

Effortlessly removes all refined and down hair on the entire body after the hot wax treatment.


  • Step 1. Clean the skin with LYCOTANE Skin Cleanser. 
  • 2. Massage the skin to be treated well with a little PRE-WAXING OIL, the oil ensures that the wax only pulls on the hairs and not on the skin itself, so that a treatment for a customer becomes comfortable and almost painless. 
  • 3. Apply the wax in sections to the skin with the rounded side of the spatula, AGAINST the hair growth direction. 
  • 4. Remove the wax with a quick movement, against the direction of hair growth. TIP! For stiff and always shaved hair, first use the HOT wax for the LycoJET! 
  • 5. Clean the skin with LYCOTANE Skin Cleanser, which closes the pores. 
  • 6. Finally, massage the skin with the Soothing Cream, Tea Tree Sooth or Aloe Vera Gel.
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Article number 1HL0121
Description Contents 1 kilo
Texture wax
Hair skin condition all skin types, down, sensitive skin
Characteristic cruelty-free, gluten-free, nut-free, unscented
Waxing kits Starter kit face | armpits | bikini
Waxes lycoJET
product type wax



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