Lycocil Tint remover 100ml

Lycocil Tint remover 100ml

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For eyelash & eyebrow tinting

A gentle tint remover, which will remove excess tint from the skin around the eyes and eyebrows. Also suitable around the hairline to remove dye when hair tinting.

Vegan | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free

  • After removing all of the tint from the eyelashes, use Lycocil Tint Remover if necessary to remove any excess tint from the surrounding skin, taking care not to get Lycocil Tint Remover in the eyes. Then wipe over with a clean water dampened cotton pad. For eyebrows, at the end, clean the eyebrows thoroughly with Lycocil Tint Remover to make certain all the tint is removed and no further tinting is in process.



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