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Doll Aloe Vera Wax cartridge 100ml

Doll Aloe Vera Wax cartridge 100ml

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It’s quick & convenient. Using roll-ons enables you to experience a clean waxing application as wax does no drip. Moreover, a professional applying this wax neither requires cleaning up wax pots and spatulas post-waxing nor requires removing the cartridge from the wax heater.


It’s hygienic. In the context of hygiene, Roll-on wax or Cartridge wax scores well as nullifies any possibility of cross-contamination that may take place when using wax pots from which wax is taken out from a common spatula.


It’s less messy. Since Roll-on wax or Cartridge wax is water-soluble, there remains no sticky residual. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to apply a post-depilatory lotion to ensure the perfect clean-up.


The formulation among all is the same. What changes are few ingredients, the color and some cases the fragrances


Aloe: Specifically formulated with extract of Aloe Vera, known for its skin-protecting and emollient properties, this wax is perfect for mature and dehydrated skin



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