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Healing Ointment 350g
Healing Ointment 350g
Healing Ointment 350g

Healing Ointment 350g

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Our Tattoo healing product is the only aftercare solution without any unnecessary ingredients, while being the only aftercare product available whose rich blend of vitamins and minerals rejuvenate and revitalize skin cells naturally. 

1. Can be applied before and after tattooing
2. Help soften cuticles and enlarge pores to reduce resistance and improve coloring when applied to the skin before tattooing
3. Treat with healing ointment again to moisturize and lubricate the tattoo area for aftercare


  • This tattoo ointment has the advantages of quick healing, no discolouration and no scabbing. 
  • It provides moisture to help return the skin to a healthy state, which is very effective for dry skin.
  • Made of quality ingredients, non-toxic, skin-friendly and safe to use.



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