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Geranium essential oil 10ml

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Geranium essential oil 10ml 

Used for aromatherapy massage

10ml bottle with dropper

Used as a beautifying agent in Ancient Egyptian times, Geranium essential oil is extracted from the entire geranium plant. The uses and benefits of this beautiful plant are highly versatile and are used to boost the appearance of skin and hair. Geraniums are valued in the perfume industry for their floral scent. Inhaling Geranium essential oil’s sweet aroma can support emotions by creating a calming and grounding effect. The aroma of Geranium essential oil can also help lessen feelings of stress and calm nerves. The beautifying properties of Geranium oil can be used to promote healthy-looking hair and skin. When applied topically to the body, Geranium oil promotes the appearance of clear skin. The benefits of Geranium oil can also be used on both dry and oily hair to give hair a vibrant glow. Additionally, the strong chemical components in Geranium essential oil offer a natural way to repel insects.



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