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Digital Thermo Hygrometer

Digital Thermo Hygrometer

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Hygrometer and thermometer for Eyelash Extensions

Every lash artist must control their room levels to perfection, so that their eyelash glue will work correctly. The use of a hygrometer is they key to perfect workability of your lash glue as well as clients lashes lasting. The hygrometer is a simple device that will show you both the humidity and temperature reading in your lash space. These readings will then allow you to adjust your levels to suit that eyelash extension adhesive.

We recommend that you have at least x2 hygrometers in your lash space as different areas in the room can read very different. Multiple hygrometers will also allow you to take a “mean” reading from them.

Watch our video that explains why the control of both humidity and temperature is paramount , and why we must all own a hygrometer if we want to offer eyelash extensions.

Product Specifications:

Temperature measurement range:-10°C ~ +50°C (-14°F ~ +122°F )
Temperature measurement accuracy:±1°C (1.8 °F )
Temperature resolution: ±0.1°C (0.2 °F )
Humidity measuring range: 10%~ 99% RH
Humidity measuring accuracy: ±5% RH
Humidity resolution: 1%
Battery: AAA 1.5V 
Designs may vary

Basic functions:

Temperature / Humidity
C /“F temperature switch display
The maximum / minimum temperature and humidity memory function
12/24 hour clock
The whole point timekeeping function
Daily alarm
Calendar display



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