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Cold paraffin cream frangipani 500ml

Cold paraffin cream frangipani 500ml

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Cold paraffin cream - 500ml

Cold paraffin offers all the moisturizing advantages for the hydration treatments of skins that are sensitive to heat and for body zones that are difficult to access (knees, elbows). Excellent repairing properties for the skin. Very good massage medium.
This product is brushed on with a soft body brush.

Complete pedicure / manicure but do not apply nail polish.
Disinfect feet / hands with Derma Spray.
Apply Paraffin cream to area at 5mm thickness
Slip foot / hand into plastic protector bags
Place bootie / mitten over foot / hand.
(You might use I-spa heated thermal comforters over mittens or booties to obtain better results.)
Repeat process with other foot / hand.
Leave on for 8-10 minutes.
Gently massage feet / hands until lotion are completely absorbed.

Clean nails with acetone and proceed to apply nail varnish.



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