6 in 1 Ice Derma Roller System
6 in 1 Ice Derma Roller System
6 in 1 Ice Derma Roller System
6 in 1 Ice Derma Roller System
6 in 1 Ice Derma Roller System

6 in 1 Ice Derma Roller System

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The 6-in-1 Ice Derma Roller Kit is ideal if you want to focus your rejuvenation from head to toe.

A-Derma Roller is a beauty device which, when used regularly, is proven to be an effective and inexpensive treatment to naturally increases the level of collagen and elastin in your skin. This is a micro-needling tool that rolls on your skin, creating small pinpricks with every motion and speeding up the skin rejuvenation process.

When used regularly as part of your normal skin care routine, these are just a few benefits and results you can look forward to :
- treats uneven skin tone
- increased penetration of serums and other substances
- thickening of the epidermis due to the collagenases
- smooths wrinkles, lines, folds and crow`s feet
- improves texture and large pores of the facial skin
- reduces the appearance of acne and other scars
- improves the appearance of stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss and cellulite
- induces the absorption of products for hair loss treatment
- improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots

More about the Ice roller :
- the Ice Roller is a handheld device that has a water and gel filled rolling head that can be effectively frozen in the freezer.
- It can be used at any place and any time to release pain and discomfort instantly.
- use your Ice Roller daily on your face, neck and chest to revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate the skin.
- use your Ice Roller before and after cosmetic procedures, it minimizes discomforts, irritation, and redness.
- Ideal to use yours after shaving to calm and soothe your skin.

Product Specification :
- Roller: 720/300/12 needles
- Needle Material: Stainless Steel/Titanium Alloy
- Handle Material: 100% Medical PC

What's in the box
Your new 6-in-1 ICE Derma Roller Kit consists of :

• 12 needles (2mm) derma stamp – to be used on specific areas, for example a scar
• 300 needles (0.5mm) roller head – to be used around the eyes and other small areas
• 720 needles (1mm) roller head – to be used for face and other skin
• ice roller head
• silicone brush
• disinfection basin

You will also receive a brochure with additional information and instructions on how to get the best results with your new Derma Roller Kit.



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