i-Spa is the exclusive trade supplier of ORLY in South Africa. 

Who we are

Family-owned since 1975, ORLY has continued to create cutting-edge color, treatments, textures, and designs. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, ORLY is all about innovation - from the conception of timeless nail looks such as the Original French Manicure to what’s new and next in nails. At ORLY, they never stop looking for the next big idea. By keeping on the heels of the latest trends, their talented team of color experts deliver the bright ideas, hot colors, and bold textures that fans love.

In 1975, Jeff Pink created a natural nail look to help screen actresses reduce the time between wardrobe changes. Simple, classic and feminine, this time-saving manicure accentuated the nails without ever upstaging the outfit. Stylists and starlets loved the new look which quickly spread through the fashion world. Once it hit the runways of Paris, Jeff knew he had the perfect name … the French Manicure!


For over 40 years ORLY has been recognised for its outstanding innovations. ORLY’s talented team of colour experts is always looking to deliver bold textures and the latest colours, loved by professionals and home users alike.

The Leader in Nail Innovation

ORLY is a professional nail brand known for its cutting edge, on-trend nail colour and care ranges. At ORLY we never stop looking for the next big thing. Colour is the foundation of everything we do. Colour your world with ORLY!



ORLY Nail lacquer

Professional Quality Lacquer

  • 20% More Lacquer Than The Competition
  • Power Packed With Pigment For Full Coverage In Fewer Coats
  • Patented Gripper Cap
  • 600 Bristle Genius Brush

Genius Brush + Gripper Cap™

ORLY’s 600 bristle brush has a new shape that fans out to fit the cuticle perfectly allowing for a smooth, even and beautiful finish. The patented Gripper Cap™ continues to be the professional choice for easy opening and precision performance.

ORLY Beauty

ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color

ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color is a unique, all-in-one formula that contains the benefits of a treatment, basecoat, colour and topcoat all in one application. ORLY Breathable will change the way you think about colour.

ORLY Beauty


Nail Treatments

Beautiful manicures and pedicures start with strong, healthy nails. ORLY offers a wide range of products and treatments to prepare, nourish, strengthen and protect your nails with added shine and reduced dry time. With ORLY you will be able to achieve optimal results regardless of your level of expertise.



ORLY Gel FX is the original, vitamin-infused gel manicure system. Packed with vitamins this revolutionary formula protects and strengthens your nails giving you chip-free wear and unbeatable shine for up to 3 weeks. Don’t settle for anything less.

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