Thai Massage Balm 200g

Thai Massage Balm 200g

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Ideal for massages, especially foot massages
Our massage balm is designed for use in massage & spa. The combination of vitalising ingredients and unique scents of ginger and other Thai herbs provides a unique massage experience and a pleasant feeling on the skin.

  • *WAT PHO* (Thai Muscle Balm) Herbal is an old revered remedy.
  • This Traditional Herbal Balm is perfect for soothing aching muscles & aid quick recovery after sports.
  • Ideal as a soothing remedy for Arthritis joints and sore limbs.
  • Soothes symptoms of cold and flu and helps to alleviate blocked airways effectively.
  • Perfect for first aid on insect bites and grazes which stops itching , soothes, protects and disinfects the bites.

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