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i-Spa Pink Rose Film Wax

i-Spa Pink Rose Film Wax

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i-Spa Pink Rose Film wax 800g

i-Spa film wax is the latest innovation in liposoluble depilatory wax and transform depilation into a simple, rapid and clean operation.

  • Unlike classic depilatory waxes, they are applied in ultra-thin layers, do not require the use of fabric strips for hair removal and, most importantly, they are used once and then thrown away: the result is rapid, long-lasting and 100% hygienic depilation.  
  • All film waxes have been studied and formulated for no-fuss full body depilation, with surprising results. The products are warm on the skin, particularly elastic and easy to spread: these properties guarantee an enjoyable sensation on the skin and perfect dilation of the hair pore, thus allowing delicate extraction of the hair at the root and significantly longer time between depilation and the next. 


Made in Italy



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