Bombshell Bikini Film wax beads | 800g

Bombshell Bikini Film wax beads | 800g

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Bombshell bikini film wax beads wax formulated specifically for delicate areas to leave the skin silky after depilation. The wax is rich in Titanium, making it the perfect product for sensitive, fragile skin.
It provides ultra-delicate stripping action which is best suited for intimate areas and even facial faxing.

Wax beads are the latest innovation in liposoluble depilatory wax and transform depilation into a simple, rapid and clean operation. In fact, unlike classic depilatory waxes, they are applied in ultra-thin layers, do not require the use of fabric strips for hair removal and, most importantly, they are used once and then thrown away: the result is rapid, long-lasting and 100% hygienic depilation.


Formulated with purified, stabilised vegetable resins.



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