1kg i-Spa Chocolate Traditional Hot Wax

1kg i-Spa Chocolate Traditional Hot Wax

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• i-Spa traditional hot wax is an extensive line of liposoluble depilatory waxes developed and studied to optimize the concept of “traditional” depilatory wax.

• These waxes do not require the use of fabric strips for hair removal, but more importantly, because they are used once and thrown away, they provide total hygiene.

Hot waxes are highly elastic, contain natural additives and a high percentage of natural pine wood tar. Do not irritate the skin and remove hair of different length and thickness, do not leave broken hairs.

The working temperature of the wax (55-60 degrees) when applied to the skin allows it to "steam out", the pores are opened, and the hair along with the wax are removed painlessly and easily. Hot waxes are especially suitable for depilation on sensitive areas of the body. and especially when doing a deep bikini, bikini design and depilation of underarms.



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